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Discover the Universe of Alum Creation by Laurent HALAMA

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The story of Alum Creation

In 2011, I created the ALUM Company, inspired by the up-cycling trend and the ecological movement.
This concept aims to recycle objects that we no longer use, giving them a completely different function, in order to extend their life.

My first creations focused on recycling old aluminium kitchen utensils from the 50s and 70s and transforming them into hanging or table lamps.

Later, I recycled old French apple crates,  which I transformed into different types of custom-made furniture for professionals and individuals.

I also offer old wooden stepladders that have been completely restored and transformed into shelves.

Each piece is unique and gives a touch of originality.

“I like to take an object, remove it from its original function and recreate a whole universe around it.”

Press articles

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